82. Six Things to Consider Before Re-Engaging

82. Six Things to Consider Before Re-Engaging

Show notes

As state and local officials begin to loosen restrictions put in place in response to the coronovirus outbreak, it is time to start thinking about how we safely and wisely re-engage in ministry wtih young people. In this episode Brian offers 6 things every ministry must consider when making their plans.


  • 00:00... Intro
  • 01:04... The tension and the caution
  • 03:58... Disclaimer!
  • 04:48... Six things to consider:
    • 04:49... 1. The guidelines of your local authorities
    • 05:35... 2. The population you work with
    • 07:35... 3. Can you social distance safely
    • 08:42... 4. Size of the group
    • 09:18... 5. Can you provide personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • 10:11... 6. Add wording to parental consent and liability release forms
  • 11:16... Deciding what and when the risk is worth it
  • 12:02... Two scriptures to guide our decisions:
    • 12:24... 1 Corinthians 6:12...
    • 13:12... Proverbs 8:1...
  • 14:36... Wrap up


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Brian Biedenbach

Brian Biedenbach

Brian is the Director of Leader Development for Youth For Christ of Northern Indiana. He is a 20 year youth ministry veteran who is passionate about developing leaders for greater Kingdom impact.

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