79. Thinking Forward: Ministry Beyond COVID19

79. Thinking Forward: Ministry Beyond COVID19

Show notes

We are currenly moving into our sixth week of making adjustments to life and ministry due to stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus. It has been a challenging but encouraging few weeks as church and youth ministry leaders have shown great ability to be nimble and adapt quickly to the changing times. But now it may be time to start thinking about new ministry beyond COVID19.


  • 00:00... Intro
  • 02:55... A defining event for a generation
  • 04:16... Common themes in every recent conversation
    • 04:36... Normal will never be "normal" again
    • 06:14... Uncertainty about the future can cripple us or catalyze us
    • 08:22... The value mourning and lamenting what was as we look to what could be
  • 11:08... So what does this mean moving forward
    • 11:28... Now is the time to start thinking to the future
    • 13:16... Times like these have a way of triggering innovation and ingenuity
    • 14:39... Now is the time to unleash our creativity
    • 15:35... We have to get used to failure
  • 17:10... Final thoughts


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Brian Biedenbach

Brian Biedenbach

Brian is the Director of Leader Development for Youth For Christ of Northern Indiana. He is a 20 year youth ministry veteran who is passionate about developing leaders for greater Kingdom impact.

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